Greene's Buys.....

Greene's Recycle buys most all commonly recycled scrap metals and products. In short, if our competitors will buy it, we'll buy it. . Our prices are updated weekly based on current COMEX prices and we will beat any LOCAL competitor's prices

What kinds of metal?

Broadly speaking, there are two types of metals: ferrous and non-ferrous. Ferrous metals are those containing iron and are generally ferromagnetic (attracted to a magnet). Some examples are steel and cast iron. Non-ferrous metals contain no iron and are generally not ferromagnetic, such as brass and copper. Non-ferrous metals usually demand a higher price.

Specific Metals We Buy

Car Bodies - .#1 Insulated Copper Wire - #2 Insulated Copper Wire - 2 Copper 1 Steel Wire - Aluminum Cans - Cast Aluminum - Copper/Aluminum Radiators - Aluminum Foil - Irony Aluminum - Aluminum/Steel Wire - Old Sheet Aluminum - Painted Aluminum Siding - Aluminum Auto Radiators - Clean Aluminum Sheet - Aluminum Turnings - Extruded Aluminum - Batteries (lead based) - Brass Breakage - Brass Shavings - #1 Copper - #2 Copper - Sheet Copper - Bare Bright Copper - Clean Auto Cast - Aluminum Car Wheels - Die Cast - Dirty Lead - Diesel Motors - Ductile Pipe - Dirty Stainless Steel - Aluminum EC Wire - Brass Wire - Electric Motors - Fence Wire - Auto Heater Cores - Harness Wire - Dirty Aluminum Radiators - Dirty Brass/Copper/Aluminum Radiators - Lead - Long Mixed Steel - Meter Brass - Auto Radiators - Red Brass - Stove Cast - Stainless Steel - Short Steel - Semi Wheels (rims) - Automatic Transmissions - Torching Steel - Tin - Cable TV Wire - Aluminum Semi Truck Wheels (rims) - Complete Car Motors - Yellow Brass

Specific Items We Buy

The specifc items we purchase are simply too numerous to list here. If you have a question about specific items give us a call at 812-829-9000.